Serum No. 19 - Dream State

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• VEGAN • 

For the Insomniac in your life. Our Dream State serum is designed to be used as either an additive for your bathtub or as a touch of massage oil.

As a relaxing massage note use only a few drops in your palm, warm it up and apply to your temples, the sides of your neck, and the inside of the forearm. The scent will help you let go of the day and prepare for the rest of your night.


+ Food-Grade

1 oz

Store at or below room temperature. 

Please discontinue using any product that may be causing irritation.

Never any hazardous chemicals, gluten, parabens, SLS, tallow, lard, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

As your Makers, we are always working to improve our recipes to offer the best quality product possible.

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